You’ll Never Guess How One Guy Helped Organize His Girlfriend's Makeup

There’s no shortage of makeup storage ideas out there on the internet, whether they’re of the Pinterest, DIY variety or the ready-made kind you can pick up at your local Bed Bath & Beyond. But just when we thought we’d seen it all, one Reddit user proved us wrong. Or, rather, his or her boyfriend did.

The Redditer posted a photo of his crafty creation to the Makeup Addiction subreddit last night — and, as you can see, the work is impressive. It's sturdy, colorful, roomy…and made entirely of Legos. Yep, that pink and green foundation was built using those classic, interlocking plastic bricks known for its popularity with children and the unspeakable pain they inflict when stepped on.

The practicality of this idea is still up for debate, considering most of us don’t just have Legos lying around these days. (And we wouldn’t necessarily prioritize buying them over an already-built storage solution.) Still, we give major props to the user's boo, because it doesn’t get more thoughtful than this. After all, nothing says "I love you" like building a place for your girlfriend to store her Naked palettes.

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