Shake Shack Is Raising Its Prices, But We're Sort Of Okay With It

Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images.
Shake Shack fans may have noticed that their ShackBurgers have been a little bit more expensive lately. In big cities like New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas, the price of the burger is up 26 cents to $5.55, which may seem like a lot for "fast food." But, let's face it, part of the draw of this fast food chain is its more upscale vibe and its reputation for fair employment practices. That's exactly why we're actually not too miffed about the recent price increase.

According to Eater, Shake Shack recently announced that it would be increasing wages for all workers above the amount required by law. For instance, in New York, where fast food workers usually earn a standard wage of $12 per hour, the company will now be paying its hourly employees a starting wage of $12.50. This may not sound like much, but Eater pointed out that the extra 50 cents an hour will actually add up to 1,000 more dollars a year. In addition to higher than standard wages, all Shake Shack employees qualify for health insurance and 401K plans. In the fast food world, that's a big deal. Of course, these progressive policies can't be achieved without also increasing the cash coming in from somewhere, which is why the company chose to raise prices about 1.8 percent this past November.

The ShackBurger isn't the only menu item affected by price surges. Other key dishes like the Chick'n Shack and the Shack Stack went up in cost, as well as sodas. Thankfully, though, the chain's iconic crinkle-cut fries and frozen custards were unscathed by increases. So, next time you head to your local Shack for a gourmet-style burger and find yourself gasping at the total that shows up on your receipt, just try to remember, it's for a noble cause. Then, dive into that well-worth-it Shack Sauce.

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