This Mattress Basically Reads Your Mind

We love us some coziness this time of year. It's all about hot chocolate, hot soup, and hot showers. But one thing that's decidedly not hot right now is our feet. When we lie down to sleep, it's the extremities that always get cold first — and how annoying is that?

That's why the Sleep Number mattress kind of sounds like a godsend. As Cosmo U.K. reports, the high-tech invention, which goes on sale later this year, warms your feet while you fall asleep. But it's not just useful during the winter: Its "responsive air technology" learns your sleep patterns and reacts to fit your body better while you sleep. It also gently nudges you (or your partner) when you start snoring, which is pretty darn polite if you ask us.

Check out the video below for more details, and get ready to sleep in (might want to set that alarm to extra-loud).

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