Happy New Year! There's A Mandy Moore In Your Shower

When I moved into a new apartment on January 1, I was in for a roller-coaster ride in the shower: The hot water kept turning cold and back to hot again. Time to call the super. That is about as exciting as New York City showers usually get.

But imagine if your new shower featured not a bait-and-switch water situation that leaves you with un-conditioned hair, but a bona fide '90s pop star. That's pretty much what happened to a bunch of people in Queens — except for some reason, they didn't believe it at first. "My friend Scott's friends bought an apartment in Queens and there was this mosaic in the shower and Scott was like, 'OMG that's Mandy Moore,' and they were like, 'No it's not,' and he was like, 'Yes it is,'" tweeted Peter W. Kaplan (apparently a friend of a friend of the lucky homeowners).

Scott was right. As you'll see in Exhibit A below, this piece of bathroom-tile art is clearly based on a photo of "Candy"-era Mandy Moore. Refinery29 has reached out to Peter's friend Scott, and is breathlessly awaiting a response. Meanwhile, we'll be humming, "You know who you are / Your love is as sweet as Candy / I'll be forever yours / Love always, Mandy," while lathering up, and we certainly hope that somewhere in the borough of Queens, someone is doing the same.

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