Deleted The Force Awakens Scene Proves Leia Has A Little Carrie Fisher In Her

Sometimes you get a convergence of character and actor that's almost too good to be true. Think Orson Welles in Citizen Kane or literally any Matthew McConaughey role. Such was the case in this deleted scene from The Force Awakens, which shows Leia flexing some feminist muscles appropriate for IRL Carrie Fisher. The scene is resurfacing in the wake of Fisher's untimely death Tuesday following a heart attack at age 60.

In the scene, General Organa asks a Resistance soldier to call on the Senate to take action against the first order. (Of course, it doesn't explain why there needs to be a separate Senate and Resistance, why the First Order is building another Death Star, and why R2-D2 randomly boots up just as the movie is ending.)

Leia's performance in the scene is all Carrie Fisher.

“Not all the senators think I’m insane," she says. "Or maybe they do. I don’t really care.”

Unapologetically standing up for what's right even as people say she's "crazy." That's how we'll remember her.

Watch the scene below.

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