Get In The Spirit With Demi Lovato's "Silent Night"

Just when you thought you couldn't handle another pop rendition of a Christmas carol — believe you me, there are tons of 'em — Demi Lovato appears and howls her version of "Silent Night." You had no idea a song about a quiet evening could be so fierce. Of course, in Lovato's talons, sorry hands, the carol is rousing. It may make you want to get out of your seat and holler to the hills.

The 24-year-old recorded the cover for the Honda Civic Tour Holiday Special. The song, posted in a video on YouTube, features just Lovato, a piano, and a whole lot of melisma. This is Demi Lovato, here. She's the Grammy-nominated vocalist who asked us the time-old question: "What's wrong with being confident?" So you bet this version of "Silent Night" isn't just a few chords about the Baby Jesus. This is a Dreamgirls-worthy performance, and I am telling you you're not going anywhere until you listen to it.

And then, if you're not through with Lovato's scratchy-sultry vocals singing holiday tunes, I encourage you to watch James Corden's recent "Carpool Karaoke." Lovato makes an appearance, and while it's no "Silent Night" for Honda, it's still Demi fucking Lovato. And she kills it.

Enjoy "Silent Night," sung by Lovato, below.

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