Pop Culture Resolutions You Should Totally Steal

Photo: Snap Stills/REX/Shutterstock.
We know, we know. You're practically perfect in every way. But will that stop you from pledging to change something about yourself for 2017? Probably not.

So, what will it be for your next New Year's resolution? Eat healthier? Drink more water? Save money? Stop stalking your ex on Facebook? Those are all admirable goals, but they lack originality. Maybe you need some inspiration from Hollywood?

Our favorite films and TV shows love a good goal, resolution, and challenge, so long as it makes for a good plot. It could involve giving up sex for 365 days and 365 nights. Maybe pretending to be a modern-day Julia Child will offer the lifestyle shake-up you desire. Or, just leave it all behind and book a trip to Bali so you can get over yourself.

Feel free to steal these pop culture resolutions...at your own risk, of course.

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