Blake Shelton Romances Gwen Stefani As If They're On The Bachelor

Photo: Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock.
Today in "This Is How Celebrities Date Each Other," Blake Shelton romances Gwen Stefani with "Bachelor-style dates." Sadly, this does not mean he forces her to play volleyball against 12 other women. No, Shelton told Jimmy Kimmel he and his bombshell girlfriend frequently use Shelton's private helicopter. Because it's just not romantic to hang out in a car.

Kimmel asked the country singer, "Do you take Gwen on Bachelor-style helicopter dates around the Oklahoma?"

"We do, we do," the helicopter owner replied. "We actually, we use that thing a lot. It gets a lot more use than you would think."

Like, how many times are we talking, Blake? Because if you use that noisy flying bug more than once a year, then you use it more than I would think. To be fair, though, the copter lives in Oklahoma. Perhaps the state's date-night possibilities leave something to be desired. Listen, maybe Stefani and Shelton just get bored.

The Voice coach offered some parting advice about helicopter flying. He admitted that when he uses the machine, he likes to have a drink. Shelton pointed out that this means he can't pilot the plane.

"Everybody knows you shouldn’t be drinking and flying," he noted. Well said, sir.

Watch a clip of Shelton's interview with Kimmel, below.

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