Pitbull Angers Florida Republicans Who Made Pitbull Rich

When you mess with the bull, you get the horns. And when you contract with Pitbull to make a tourism banger, he gets insanely horny on the track. That was the lesson an unhappy Florida legislature learned after Pitbull's "Sexy Beaches" came under scrutiny. We're all aware of the double entendre in the title, and Pitbull doesn't so much lean into it as he turns to face and charges into it like the Light Brigade.

Watch the video and then we'll tell you all about who is mad, why, and how Pitbull is going to have the last laugh.
Yeah, pretty mysoginist. But, you know, Pitbull. Mr. Worldwide developed the video under contract with Visit Florida, which is part of the Florida government, and now legislators are mad that he made a sexist video on the state's dime, the Miami Herald writes.

Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran filed suit against Mr. 305's production company to find out just how much Pitbull made on the deal, but Pitbull wasn't going to budge. Corcoran is reportedly willing to go so far as to pull funding from Visit Florida entirely over Pitbull's refusal to post the contract.

“I’m not against people having bold ideas and executing on those,” state Sen. Jeff Brandes, a St. Petersburg Republican that chairs the commitee responsible for the state's tourism budget, told the Herald. “But I want to make sure that at the end of the day that it reflects the values of the state of Florida. That’s the major concern here.”

Governor Rick Scott, who occasionally gets berated in Starbucks, also weighed in.
Let's talk about Florida Republicans and their state values. That includes current attorney general accepting a Trump Foundation donation and then ceasing investigation of Trump University. She's also been comically, hilariously bad on LGBT issues. Florida values also include Governor Rick Scott refusing to extend registration deadlines even though Hurricane Matthew was approaching. Oh, and then there's Senator Marco Rubio, who stuck by Trump after his sexual assault brag. The idea of this state party getting mad about a Pitbull tourism video which is, yes, sexist, is beyond ironic.

House Democratic Leader Janet Cruz, who is both a woman and not a member of the Republican party, accurately called the video out for its “sexualization and degradation of women.” And she's right!

So Pitbull posted the contract, accompanied by a brief statement, to Twitter. He says that he loves Florida, and that the state has paid him $1 million over the last two years for the honor of being featured in the "Sexy Beaches" music video.
Oh. After a campaign season in which Democrats called for civility and decency in vain while a presidential candidate bragged about sexually assaulting women, it's kind of satisfying to see Florida Republicans wail about their budget because of a tourism video.

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