Khloé Kardashian's Gift-Wrapping Skills Will Make You Feel Better About Yourself

Photo: John Lamparski/WireImage.
Usually, the videos Khloé Kardashian puts on her website show us that she really has her act together. She's hella organized, in great shape, and has a truly rad sense of style. Thankfully for us mere mortals, she just posted a video that shows she has at least one flaw. Girl cannot wrap a Christmas present to save her life.

In a video that is perhaps the exact opposite of the Japanese gift-wrapping tutorial, Kardashian attempts to demonstrate the best way to wrap a present. Just a few seconds in, she looks up at the camera and admits, "So, I'm not like a professional wrapper." From there, we go with her on a hilarious journey to try and get a decently wrapped gift. Along the way, she curses double-sided tape, dull scissors, and glittery wrapping paper. Khloé's trademark sense of humor and dirty mouth add a whole lot of character to her tutorial, so even if it's not as instructive as others, we like it a little bit better. I mean, who else would give the helpful tip, "Fuckin' fold around the box"?

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