Anna Camp & 13 Other Stars Let Us Peek Inside Their iPhones

In the early 2000s, everyone wanted to know what J.Lo kept in her Louis Vuitton bag and Jennifer Aniston kept in her Burberry clutch. Usually, some assortment of gum, lipstick, makeup blotters, mirrors, and phones was involved.

While celebs' bags are certainly no less relevant today, what's inside them isn't the best way to understand how your favorite stars pack everything into 24 hours and make all of their Instagram posts look flawless. After all, think about what's most important to have when you're leaving the apartment. Is it your bag or your phone?

We'd argue the latter. Nowadays, you can learn far more about someone by what's on their phone than by the contents of their clutch. You see what they're listening to and reading, the photos they've taken (and how they edit them), and how they're planning their next vacation. With that in mind, we asked 14 top celebs and influencers, including Anna Camp and Shay Mitchell, to spill the details on what's on their phones. Ahead, screenshots of their actual homescreens and why certain apps earned coveted spots.

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