Justin Hartley Is Making Us Extremely Nervous About Toby's Fate On This Is Us

Photo: Ron Batzdorff/Courtesy of NBC.
The This Is Us winter finale broke fans' hearts with its cliffhanger ending last Tuesday night. And while a lot happened in the emotional episode, the one everybody's worried about is Toby. Last we saw Chris Sullivan's beloved character, he was lying unconscious in a hospital bed on Christmas Eve while his heart rate flat-lined — just after he flew across the country to declare his love for Kate (Chrissy Metz). Toby's fate is up in the air until the show's return on January 10. But in the meantime, Sullivan's co-star Justin Hartley, who plays Kate's brother Kevin, is hinting at Toby's fate. And he's making us very, very worried.
"You think you want to know [what happens to Toby], but you don’t want me to tell you," Hartley told Us Weekly at the Critic's Choice Awards on Sunday. Well, shit, dude. Way to bum us out even more.
However, we've got one promising sign that Toby may still be alive. Last week, Sullivan tweeted a photo from the Paramount set of the show. When pressed, Hartley tried to cast doubt on the speculation, telling Us Weekly, “We’re in the middle of a re-shoot thing... Not to suggest that he dies or he doesn't." Oh come on!
Either way, fans will be glad to know that at least This Is Us won't torture us when it returns mid-season. “It picks up directly where we left off," Hartley told Us Weekly last week. "So you’ll get some immediate answers — not immediate act one answers, but you’ll get some answers in the first show." And we recommend you prepare yourself for the worst: Deep sorrow in the case that Toby dies — or extreme anger at Hartley for fucking around with our emotions.

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