30+ Thoughts I Had During The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Photo: Dominique Charriau/Getty Images.
Let me just say this right off the bat: I absolutely adore the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, so everything said here is meant with love. Each year I invite a ton of friends over to my house, order enough KFC for a small country, and drink a bottle of Champagne all to myself while watching the Angels strut their stuff. You’ve got to love them for it: Working out for weeks on end (for three hours a day, in the case of first-timer Bella Hadid), getting pricey facials daily in the lead-up, slathering their perfect bodies with baby oil, all for our enjoyment. These beauties take it so seriously, it’s as though God himself put them on Earth to walk around in their knickers. (Get it? God, Angels. Never mind.)

But seriously, no one could do it but them — and we love them for it, abs and all. Sure, haters may say it’s bad body-image vibes, unrealistic standards for women, frying our brains, etc. But I say it’s all in good fun. In the spirit of not taking this magical spectacle too seriously, here are 27 genuine thoughts I had while I watched the show this year. And yes, I do watch said spectacle in the iconic pink silk robe (which you can buy here for a cool $148).

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