Hear Exclusive Audio Of Lauren Graham's Gilmore Girls Memoir

Lauren Graham's Gilmore Girls memoir, Talking As Fast As I Can, has already yielded some amazing backstage gossip. For example, she didn't meet Alexis Bledel until basically just before shooting started. Her tattoo story alone is worth the price of admission. Basically it's a story that will be shockingly relatable to even the most cynical Gilmore Girls fan.

Now, we're excited to offer you an exclusive excerpt of Graham reading a section of her memoir.

Graham reads from a section that describes the beginning of the show. She covers meeting Bledel, feeling anxiety about the show's possible cancellation, and how she was nearly replaced on the show. Safe to say that it's worth your listen. Her account of their bad early timeslot is of particular interest. Strange to think of a time when it mattered when things actually aired on TV. Having cord cut like any decent millennial, I'm used to things just showing up on streaming services whenever God, or Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, decrees it.

Check out our exclusive audio below. Buy her memoir here.

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