John Legend & Chrissy Teigen Are Adorable, Fail At Charades

Photo: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC.
It's impossible to play charades and not look silly. It's nice to know John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are not exceptions to that rule. On Friday, the couple, along with Chelsea Handler and Jimmy Fallon, attempted to enact classic songs and movies on The Tonight Show. They failed epically and entertainingly.

First, Teigen made a valiant effort shaking her stuff to enact the old rock-and-roll song "Shake, Rattle, and Roll." Legend got it almost instantly and Teigen had to re-tuck her shirt after the sheer force of her shaking displaced it.

Then, Handler correctly identified Fallon's tiger imitation to get "Eye of the Tiger." It was downhill from there, though.

We were excited to see Legend get The Little Mermaid and attempt to capture it with his own little dance...until Teigen intervened to correct his unzipped fly. Better leave mermaid-ing to Luna, who is already expert-level.

After Handler mimicked "Singing in the Rain," Fallon got as close as "rain song" and then veered off to guess "Purple Rain" and several songs that don't even exist.

For the final movie, Teigen and Fallon do a group dance routine of sorts, which you can watch, below, and it may be the best part of the game.

On a more serious note, Legend talked to Fallon about Luna, who is 8 months old and preparing for her first Christmas. Raising her, Legend said, is "really fun and it's humbling at the same time, because you realize you don't know anything." D'aww. We cannot wait to hear the song he's written about her.

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