Grandma Kris Jenner Had To Get King Cairo Two Gingerbread Houses For Christmas

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Happy grandma Kris Jenner always sends her kids gingerbread houses for the holidays. The grandiose confections — honestly, they're gingerbread mansions, gingerbread estates — are usually decorated with names from the Kardashian household to which they are dispatched. (So, Kim Kardashian would get a house with the names "Kim," "Kanye," "North," and "Saint.")

Now, Jenner has a large family, so this can get a little complicated. This year in particular, the reality television matriarch gifted King Cairo, her grandson, two gingerbread houses.

Allow me to explain. The Kardashian community makes for a messy family tree — at this point, the clan has folded in on itself, and the overlaps can get confusing. So, Kylie Jenner is dating Tyga. Tyga has a child with Blac Chyna. Blac Chyna has a child with Rob Kardashian. King Cairo is the child of Tyga and Blac Chyna, which means he is Kris Jenner's grandson two times over. Step-grandson, I suppose, if we're being technical.

So, both Kylie Jenner — who is dating King's father — and Blac Chyna, King's mother, received gingerbread houses with the name "King."

For reference, see Jenner's house.
Photo: via @kylizzesnapchats/Instagram.
Kris Jenner also refuses to refer to Chyna by her chosen title — notice that the gingerbread home reads "Angela," which is Chyna's birth name. Jenner will give you two gingerbread houses, but she won't budge on that name thing.
King Cairo seems to have found himself at the center of a Kardashian web. Both a blessing and a curse, really. The blessing part of this situation is two massive gingerbread houses for every Christmas. One wonders, will King receive two of everything for his whole life? Two birthday cakes? Two "birds and the bees" talks?

The curse of his situation is that King Cairo will have to explain the family web for the rest of his life.

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