Maisie Williams' Accent In This New Movie Is Rather Confusing

I flat-out adore Maisie Williams. Sadly, this adoration does nothing to soften the blow of how bewilderingly bad the actress' attempt at a Southern accent is in her next movie.
The Game of Thrones favorite is starring in a dramedy due out in January called The Book of Love, alongside Jessica Biel and and Jason Sudeikis. From the first trailer, we can glean a few things to expect from the movie: Sudeikis being heartachingly sweet, Biel being the perfect wife and then dying, and Williams being the wild, transient youth who inadvertently saves Sudeikis' grieving widower. Emotional stuff.
I had to watch the trailer twice, though, to actually grasp what the movie is even about. The first time, I was mesmerized by Williams' ridiculous "Southern accent." You guys, it's nuts! One moment it's tipsy Scarlett O'Hara, the next it's tipsier Irish school girl.
Maisie, if you're reading this, I want you to know something: Accents are hard — and you're in damn good company.

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