A Swarovski Crystal Starbucks Gift Card Is The Perfect Present For Your Fanciest Friend

If you thought Starbucks' unity cups were controversial, wait until you see the coffee chain's new limited edition holiday gift cards. Unlike those plain old plastic cards the peasants use, these cards are stainless steel and covered in Swarovski Crystals. Sure, some people might find them gratuitous and silly, but if you're super fancy and want all your friends to know it, this is the perfect gift to give. According to Eater, "a small handful of 2016 Swarovski Starbucks gift cards will be available online in the very near future."

These particular gift cards might only be fitting for your closest, most deserving friends, though, because they cost a lot. Each comes loaded with $50, but you'll have to spend $200 to get your hands on one. So if you have a bestie who pulled you from a burning building at some point in the last year, this could be the right way to say, "Hey, thanks for being there for me." If you don't have any pals who have been quite that nice, or who wouldn't scoff at this somewhat unnecessary use of Swarovski Crystals, you can just purchase a crystal-encrusted Starbucks Rewards card for yourself instead. What better way to show everyone how extravagant you are and how seriously you take your coffee?

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