Alexa Chung Has The Most Refreshing Take On Love We've Ever Heard From A Celebrity

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When was the last time you looked to a celebrity couple and claimed they were #couplegoals? (For me, it was yesterday, when I saw a cute picture of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively and immediately felt giddy.) As much as we may idolize starry Hollywood pairings, model and TV presenter Alexa Chung is here to remind us that star status has nothing to do with one's skills in the romance department.

As Chung told ES Magazine, she's over people assuming celebrities have it all figured out when it comes to relationships.

"Why does everyone presume that famous people know? What if you’re seeing someone and you don’t know how it’s going to end up? I mean, there are so many variations," said the former It's On with Alexa Chung star.

If Brangelina's breakup taught us anything, it's that stars rarely know how things will work out. Meaning they're "just like us" in the sense that they're fallible human beings.

Of course, that's not to say Chung herself is totally in the dark. The 33-year-old, who has previously been in relationships with celebrities like Alexander Skarsgård and the Arctic Monkeys' Alex Turner, has learned some things from her years of dating. The best advice that Chung has to offer is what love is not.

"I don’t think love should make you feel uneasy. When you feel sick, I don’t think that’s love — that’s infatuation," Chung said. "Someone who makes you feel like that is exciting — it’s the one that you imagine when you think of an amazing affair — but that’s not actually a stable love."

Think of Chung's words next time that super-hot, incredibly flaky person hits you up well past your bedtime. The momentary butterflies are not worth the time you'll waste analyzing their every cryptic text.

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