Trader Joe's Newest Holiday Sweet Treat Has Just Been Sighted

This article was originally published on November 28, 2016.

It seems like holiday products have been hanging out on store shelves since the day after Halloween, and this is usually something that really annoys me. I don't like how my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, is constantly being overshadowed by Christmas and New Years. I've always been strict about not beginning my winter-holiday preparations and celebrations until at least the first of December, but I think, for the first time, I'm about to make an exception. My new-found leniency regarding this holiday season rule is all thanks to Trader Joe's new festive sweet treat.

Yesterday, an Instagram account called Candy Hunting, which posts photos of "all the newest junk food," shared an image of a giant Peppermint Chocolate bar on a shelf at Trader Joe's. According to the photo's caption, "it features dark chocolate infused with peppermint oil and hand decorated with white chocolate swirls and peppermint pieces."

Upon first seeing the post, I had the immediate impulse to comment with around 20 heart-eye emojis and run off to the nearest TJ's location to try and track this stuff down. Unfortunately, not a whole lot else is known about these new limited-edition bars. So far, it looks like the Candy Hunting account is the only one to document the bars' existence in the wild, and candy fans are left with plenty of questions. Are these bars available at TJ's locations nationwide? How long will they be on the shelves? Until we get all the facts, we'll just have to up our weekly Trader Joe's visits to daily ones and scour the candy aisle until we find the treats for ourselves.

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