Surviving A Post-Election Thanksgiving: Easing Out Of The Bubble

When Donald Trump won the election two weeks ago, you could practically hear the very landmass on the East and West coasts yelling, "HOW DID THIS HAPPEN??" Many of us were surprised that Americans could be so disconnected from each other. It was clear we, the denizens of big cities, were living in a bubble. We didn't know anyone who voted for Trump. But thanks to the support of millions of mostly white men and women, Trump won the election, opening deep-seated socioeconomic fissures in the country and in our psyches.

Add a pinch of family and a sprinkle of holidays to the mix, and the impending Thanksgiving dinner can become a recipe for disaster. As the host of Strong Opinions Loosely Held, I spoke to Man Enough author and one of the world's leading experts on gender violence prevention education in sports culture and the military, Jackson Katz to unpack WTF happened two weeks ago. How can we successfully (and peaceably!) share a table with people whose strong opinions aren't so loosely held?

Also, who are the women who voted for Trump? Glad you asked. I talked to two who explain their perspectives.

Here's Deena from Utah, with her perspective on the election: "Donald Trump reignited America. He awakened a lot of people who had fallen silent and gave them hope for a better future. I think he awakened the Reagan democrats, and I think that's really what pushed him to victory. However, this movement was bigger than any one group. There had to be a departure from the Democratic Party in order for him to win. And I think the main reason for that departure was economically based."

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