Here's What Would Happen If Donald Trump Gave A Book Report

Donald Trump represents a major existential threat to American democracy. He also talks funny sometimes. It's funny to imagine him in various situations, reacting to things. Unless that situation is the American presidency, which he's somehow still a candidate for. So people go on Twitter and, like, make jokes about him doing various things. One guy, seemingly a very smart guy, has replaced his entire Twitter with fan fiction about Donald Trump. A strange move, to be sure.

The latest funny thing to think about Donald Trump doing is giving book reports. What a wacky scenario to imagine Donald Trump doing. Remember, this is a person who last night said that he wouldn't necessarily accept the results of the upcoming election. He has a history of inciting violence against people he doesn't like at rallies. He also seems to really dislike women.

Ok, so here's a bunch of tweets about him giving book reports despite having not read the book.

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