Emma Stone's Favorite Foods, On-Set Needs Are So Relatable

Emma Stone is one of our most relatable actors. Her star persona is consistent with our best views of ourselves: a little offbeat, whip-smart, and unafraid to take shit from anyone. Not only that, but she seemingly always gets what she's after. For the most part, she seems like a star with whom one could plausibly drink a vodka drink (or several).

But how do we know if an actor is truly relatable? Really, there's no way of telling short of actually having that vodka drink. Or maybe an extensive on-camera interview about the actor's actual favorite things. Luckily, Vogue's "73 Questions" interview has provided us with that second thing. During the interview, she breaks down her on-set must haves and her favorite foods.

On-set, she needs headphones and a lot of caffeine. And her favorite foods are french fries and Brussels sprouts.

Her on-set needs are basically the same as any office worker's needs. Everyone at some point during the day needs the cone of silence that headphones provide. Sometimes, you just need to put the headphones in and not have anything playing on them. That way, nobody bothers you and you get to see if anyone is talking smack about you while they assume you're not listening. Huge power move.

Also, Brussels sprouts are objectively good. They get a bad rap because of like Calvin and Hobbes or something, but if you don't like them you're a fussy child. Sorry not sorry.

Watch below.

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