Hillary Clinton's Wikipedia Page Briefly Hacked Today

Photo: Timothy A. Clary/Getty Images.
A modern-day election cycle wouldn't be complete without someone's Wikipedia page getting tampered with. In 2009, shortly after Barack Obama was elected, his Wikipedia page was edited to say he was a puppet. It was relatively tame foolery by internet standards — and far tamer compared to what happened earlier this afternoon. Hillary Clinton's Wikipedia entry got hacked by a group claiming to be Trump supporters, and it was not pretty.

Visitors to Clinton's page found the site covered in hateful, NSFW messages as well as nude photos. The text at the top of the page "reminded" voters that if they vote for Clinton, they are proving how spineless they are. It went on to say that nuclear war is "inevitable," as will be "Bill Clinton raping more women and children." The only way to save the America we all know and love, the message stated, was to vote for Donald Trump. That message was followed by a reminder for girls to "send ass pics" to someone's Twitter handle. Tasteful.

Thankfully, Wikipedia quickly restored the entry back to its normal state, so you won't see anything unsavory if you visit the page now.

For more photos and details about what the hacked page said, you can visit Perez Hilton to see screenshots here.

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