We Didn't Ask For An Off-The-Shoulder Sweatshirt, But...

We assumed come fall we'd move on from the overdone off-the-shoulder silhouette and make room for some fresh, autumn-appropriate trends (like the mini bell sleeve, which has long deserved its moment in the spotlight). Turns out, we were wrong.

Yesterday, on an innocent scroll through Instagram, we stumbled upon The Line by K's Zae sweatshirt, which launched today in three colors. At one glance, it looks like any old zip-up — look closer, and you'll see it's also cropped and somehow off the shoulder, which means it does not, in fact, have a cozy hood you can use to take discrete naps in public. Basically, it kind of defeats the purpose of a hoodie altogether.

At the same time, we'll admit, we don't totally hate it. With a boyfriend jean and a white sneaker, the top could make for a cute Instagram opportunity if nothing else — though we can't imagine how pleasant that zipper feels on bare skin. But we'll give it this much: It's a sure-fire way to keep the bare-shoulder trend going into the colder weather months without looking completely ridiculous. And since we already saw an off-the-shoulder bomber pop up a few months back, we should have guessed that sweatshirts (which have had their own fashion comeback of late) were next.

Here's the question: Will you be adding an off-the-shoulder sweatshirt to your fall arsenal, or will you save the $99 and tug your college zip-up down on your arms instead, DIY-style? Though we're admittedly leaning toward the latter, we definitely look forward to seeing if this pretty impractical style catches on. And if you look at it as a top, rather than a cozy, off-duty piece of outerwear, well, then it just might.

The Line by K
Zae Sweatshirt, $99, available at The Line by K.

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