This Fan Theory Says Westworld Is A Biblical Allegory

Westworld is everybody's newest TV addiction, filling the Game of Thrones-sized hole with aplomb and more than a few bullets. Naturally, such a show has inspired a horde of fan theories about what's really going on. J.J. Abrams' presence likely has more than a little to do with this. His Lost was both his introduction to international fame and the first show truly dissected by the internet.

Redditor ShivasRightFoot has a theory about the show that rings extremely true, at least on some level. The user thinks that Westworld is an allegory for the Biblical story of Genesis and John Milton's Paradise Lost, with Dolores playing the role of Adam or Eve.

"Humans are like Elohim (angels) in that they are immortal and practically omnipotent over the things they created in their image," the redditor writes. "Hosts are humans before the fall. They are incapable of independent action; they have no knowledge of good and evil. They also run around naked a lot, something that will likely change after gaining consciousness due to shame."

It's a fascinating theory, and one that will likely hold water. Many many people have used Paradise Lost as a jumping-off point. We should note that Paradise Lost posits Lucifer, not God, as a fundamentally creative force. Not only that, but Lucifer's main motivation in the book is to create a perfect enclosed system in which he has ultimate power.

“The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven,” Milton writes.

That certainly sounds a good deal like something Ford, the creator, would be interested in.

Read the rest of the theory below.

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