Attention, Paparazzi: Olivia Wilde Is Not Having Your Creepy Stalking

Her last name notwithstanding, Olivia Wilde is not all that excited about feeling like an animal being observed on safari. The actress made this abundantly clear on Instagram Friday morning, when she posted a paparazzi photo of herself looking like she's about to bite the head off of the cameraperson.
"Death stare sent this weirdo photog with a giant nat geo lens (ya know, the kind you use to snap wild animals who would kill you if you got too close) scurrying backwards into the park bush he was literally, and I do mean literally, stalking me from. Wtffffffff," she wrote. "When you see pics of people looking angry it's because they're reacting normally to an extremely abnormal situation. I'm posting this so people understand that this face is how it feels to be followed by strange men (sorry but it's almost never a woman) who climb trees to snap pics of pregnant ladies. Not cool. #mamawolfwillcutyou #robocop."

The photos were snapped while Wilde was taking a walk in Central Park, which she probably hoped would be relaxing — a difficult feat for any woman in her final weeks of pregnancy, let alone one being chased around by strange men.

From what we've seen, the outlets that purchased photos from this paparazzo have used them for such enlightening stories as, "Pregnant Olivia Wilde's Baby Bump is Getting Bigger & Bigger!" and "Any day now!" If there's one thing pregnant women like almost as much as feeling threatened, it's being told how big their "bump" is and how it looks like they'll pop any minute.

Wilde is expecting a daughter, her second child with fiancé Jason Sudeikis. Last month, she tweet-shamed subway riders who didn't give up their seats to her. Here's hoping some human decency comes her way sooner than later.

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