The Supreme Court Just Talked About Kim Kardashian's Robbery

Photo: Kristina Bumphrey/Starpix/REX/Shutterstock.
First it was trolls on Twitter. Then it was the Parisians. Then it was the fashion world and ultimate fashion snob Karl Lagerfeld. Now a Supreme Court Justice of the United States of America is weighing in on Kim Kardashian's Parisian robbery story by suggesting that it could be a hoax. Yes, the jewel heist heard 'round the world has made it into a Supreme Court shout-out.

The transcription of the argument shows that within the first 10 minutes of the case's proceeding, Kardashian's name came in when Justice Stephen Breyer used her theft as an analogy for the case he was hearing. A quick overview of the case shows that a man, Lawrence Shaw, has been accused of bank fraud by stealing more than $300,000 from the bank account of a Taiwanese businessman.

The up-to-date and hip Justice Breyer used Kardashian's reported robbery to explain his point. "Even Kardashian’s thief, if there is one, believes that all the jewelry is insured,” he said. A few minutes later, he added, "I'm not asking you to repeat it. I'm asking you if the local person comes to the door and says, 'Dear Miss Kardashian, I am your local jewelry cleaner. Please give me your jewelry.' She does. And that's not fraud."

This feels like a potential college course in the works.

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