Chrissy Teigen Brags About Opening Rihanna's Mail Before Realizing It's Illegal

Photo: Jim Smeal/REX/Shutterstock.
Who wouldn't want to go through Rihanna's mail? Just imagine the intense fan letters she must receive, or what kind of bills she has to rummage through when she opens up her mailbox. Do celebrities even open their own mail? According to Chrissy Teigen, celebrities do indeed deal with the mail that's sent to their house. And as the proud new owner of a mansion that used to belong to Rihanna, Teigen has also taken on the task of opening all of the singer's leftover mail that is still delivered to her home.

Teigen revealed her hilarious pastime on The Ellen Show, joking that Rihanna owes $18 to Bugatti. After the laughter subsided, Ellen DeGeneres asked Teigen if she realizes that opening someone else's mail is actually illegal. "You're opening her mail?" the host said. Teigen was unaware of this federal law, and gets flustered trying to say that it's mostly just "fan mail" and that she's trying to help. She said she's working on getting it back to Rihanna, and she tried to bring the mail to her at the Grammys but her husband, John Legend, begged her not to.

For those who maybe don't know about privacy laws surrounding mail. It is illegal (as in, a federal crime) to purposefully open up mail not addressed to you, or to prevent a piece of mail from getting to its appropriate addressee. But perhaps we can give Teigen a pass on this one.

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