Kit Harington Trades His Sword For Gunpowder In New Show

David Livingston/Getty Images
Kit Harington's next project will go off with a bang. The Game of Thrones star plans to produce and star in a three-part BBC historical drama about Guy Fawkes.

Guy Fawkes, if you didn't know, was a British radical who sought to blow up the House of Lords in order to help restore a Catholic to the crown. He was caught on the morning of the plot, November 5, 1605, guarding the store of gunpowder under the Parliament building. On the morning he was slated to be hanged, he fell from the scaffolding and broke his neck. You might recognize him as the inspiration for the mask favored by Anonymous and popularized by V for Vendetta, your most annoying ex-boyfriend's fourth-favorite movie.

The Gunpowder Plot, as it was called, is a national fascination in Britain, and November 5 is a day of celebration and fireworks.

Harington, as a descendant of plot mastermind Robert Catesby, has a personal stake in the series. He said that he was writing a screenplay about the plot on The Andrew Marr Show, though his will not be the script used.

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