The Awkward Way Blac Chyna's Mom Learned She Was A Stripper

Photo: Prince Williams/Getty Images.
The third episode of the E! reality show Rob & Chyna revealed exactly how Blac Chyna's mother found out that the model and entrepreneur was a stripper.

Chyna, who grew up in Washington, D.C., started stripping in 2010. Chyna's mother, who goes by Tokyo Toni, alleges in the episode of the E! reality show that her first encounter with Chyna's newfound career was unconventional to say the least.

"One day, I was in a regular club chilling," Toni says. "And these two women kept looking at me like this. Just kept looking. I said, 'What's your problem, baby?' She was like, 'Oh, you acting like that now but you wasn't acting like that a little while ago."

The two women tell Toni that she looks like a dancer from a club called Sensationals — yes, they had mistaken her for her daughter, Blac Chyna. Now, what does a mother do when confronted with her daughter's newfound stripping career? Why, go cheer her on, of course!

"I go to the club," Toni says, "and I see this fine little broad on the stage, popping and shaking and rocking. I didn't know it was [Chyna] at the time! She bent over and flipped her head back...and looked dead in my face."

Toni immediately grabbed her wallet and supported her daughter in true strip-club style: with dollar bills.

"That's right!" she hollers in the clip, recalling seeing her daughter dance for the first time. Chyna giggles in that oh-god-mom-please-stop way.

Would that all mothers could be as supportive as Tokyo Toni. See the full clip below — Tokyo Toni's anecdote starts at 0:45.

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