Prince George Was Not Impressed With Justin Trudeau's Attempt To High-Five Him

Photo: Karwai Tang/WireImage.
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau may be everyone's favorite woke bae, but there's a tiny royal who was not exactly impressed by him last weekend.

Prince William, Kate Middleton, and their children arrived in Canada on Saturday for a weeklong royal visit. Trudeau welcomed the family at the tarmac of the Victoria International Airport and squatted to Prince George's level in an attempt to get a high five from the toddler.

But Prince George — holding tight to his father's hand — was having none of it. He ignored a high five, a low five, and even a handshake from Trudeau.

However, the little prince is not always so serious when he meets world leaders.

Last April, he met with President Obama at the Kensington Palace and shook his hand while dressed in an adorable monogrammed bathrobe.

Why did the 3-year-old reject Trudeau's high five? Was it the jet lag, the group of strange adults around him, or simply that Prince George wasn't feeling the prime minister's attempts to be cute? We'll never know.

Watch the hilariously awkward exchange below:

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