Lea Michele Is Crushing On Zac Efron & We Just Lost It

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Lea Michele spilled on her latest celebrity crush, and it's what 'shipping dreams are made of.

During a game of "Who'd You Rather?" with Ellen DeGeneres, Michele was asked to choose between different famous men, including her Scream Queens co-stars Taylor Lautner and John Stamos.

Not an easy choice for Michele, since, as she pointed out, they're both "so handsome," but she did give a logical answer. "Stamos is probably a little on the older side for me," she said. "So I’m gonna go with Taylor. He gave me a lap dance the other day, and it was great!”

Unfortunately, she didn't give proof of this so-called dance, but she did continue to choose between other guys like Tom Hiddleston and Michael B. Jordan. Michele made it clear, Hiddleston probably has "too much going on" to be a good match for her. So, sorry, there will be no Hiddlechele happening anytime soon.

Jordan seemed to take the lead, but in the end it came down to choosing between Zac Efron and another Swift ex, Calvin Harris. Michele was quick to declare a winner: "Give me Zac Efron any day!"

It's hard to believe Michele is the first person to say those words, and she likely won't be the last. But could you imagine a better-looking celebrity couple? Just really think about it.

While DeGeneres joked that whomever Michele chose in this game would be her new boyfriend, it's worth asking, is Michele really looking for love? When DeGeneres introduced her as being “single and alone, and lonely, and desperate,” Michele laughed before saying, “Hey, hey, I’m doing good."

As Us Weekly pointed out, Michele broke up with actor Robert Buckley in July after three months of dating, so she does seem to be single for now. But maybe there's a date with Efron in her future?

Or Jordan, since Michele did say she'd like Efron, "but if Michael B. Jordan wants to call me, he totally can.”

Your move, guys.

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