World's First Smart Candles Finally Allow You To Fully Relax

Photo: Courtesy of LuDela.
Lighting candles is a great way to relax. The luxurious scent, the small burst of warmth, and the dim light all come together to help you unwind. But can you ever feel fully at ease when you're dealing with fire? In the back of your mind, there's the constant worry that you might forget to blow out your candle, or, heaven forbid, you leave the house with one still burning. Now, thanks to LuDela, the world's first smart candle company, you'll never worry about making those mistakes again.

According to Business Wire, LuDela candles have real flames, but they can be easily controlled by an app on your smart phone. This new level of control allows for safe and convenient candle use — all without sacrificing all the things you love about traditional candles. LuDela uses what the founders call "Wi-Fire" to connect the candle to your smartphone. We love the clever name and the fact that these candles don't require matches or lighters.

Before the candle ignites, it does quick scan to ensure the surrounding area is safe for a flame. During the course of its burning, the candle will even extinguish itself if it senses unsafe conditions. Not only do these candles cut back on risk, they're so simple to use. With LuDela, you'll never have to deal with the waxy mess of a traditional candle again. These candles use 100% natural wax and when you run out, you simply purchase a new wax cartridge. All that ensures you can finally fully relax.

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