John Mayer Makes Jewelry Now, Apparently

In news that would have made your high school boyfriend very happy, John Mayer has come out with his own line of jewelry. Because why not? This new line is in collaboration with jeweler George Frost, and is available now on the singer-guitarist's website.

The capsule collection is pretty small, but with a woven friendship-style bracelet costing $105, you might not wind up buying too much of it anyways. In fact, there's not much in the collection that's not eerily similar to the kind of arts-and-crafts style jewelry you made in your summer camp days. The only difference, of course, is that none of those had a big "JM" attached to it.
The colors and the beading give off very beachy vibes, perfect for, uh, September. But John Mayer is proof that you can live a chilled-out, sensitive lifestyle no matter the season.

The one stand-out from the collection is the revolving necklace, which reads "Love Is A Verb" when you quickly spin the pendant. This feature doesn't come cheap, however, since it's the most expensive item in the collection at $195.
But, hey, true John Mayer fans know that this is worth the money. Right?

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