The Premiere Of This Is Us Had One Direction Fans Very Confused

Everyone's talking about how weepy they were during last night's premiere of This Is Us, but it was all a bit of a letdown for One Direction fans.

Apparently, showrunners on the NBC drama didn't stop to consider how naming the show after the boy band's seminal 2013 documentary might confuse 1D fans. How inconsiderate.

And that, friends, is why One Direction and This Is Us memes were all over Twitter last night. Imagine the shock when 1Ders discovered that #ThisIsUs was trending for a completely non-1D reason.

"#ThisIsUs is trending and I automatically thought of the most iconic movie ever," one fan tweeted. The disappointment is real.

Read on for some hilarious reactions. In the meantime, we implore networks to please avoid naming future shows "Best Song Ever" or "Drag Me Down." We don't think fans' little hearts can handle another bait and switch.

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