Tara Lipinski Asks Johnny Weir To Be Her Bridesman In The Best Way

A big deal is often made out of proposals, but what about asking someone to be a bridesmaid or bridesman? It looks like Tara Lipinski's taken this process just as seriously.

The Olympic champion had a mug delivered to her friend and fellow figure skater Johnny Weir just to ask him to walk down the aisle when she marries Fox Sports producer Todd Kapostasy.

On it, there's a picture of two people who look like them wearing robes that say "bridesman" and "bride." She also enclosed a special note that reads "will you..." on the outside. (We can safely guess the inside says something like "be my bridesman.")

"When @taralipinski asks you to be her bridesmaid, you say yes. Can't wait to go on this amazing journey with you lovebug. And yes, that's totally us on the mug," he wrote. D'aww.
Can bridesman and bridesman proposals please become a thing now?

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