Celebs Dramatically Read Katy Perry Tweets — & The Results Are Hilarious

Even when they're at the Emmys, where they should be kicking back and basking in the awards show glory, actors can't resist a dramatic monologue. And just because that monologue is actually a tweet from Katy Perry, doesn't diminish their commitment to the craft.

At this Sunday's Emmy Awards, Vanity Fair asked some of TV's biggest stars to take a crack at reciting some of Perry's Twitter musings. The results are just as entertaining as you'd expect.

Sophie Turner really conveyed Perry's intense arousal at proper RSVP etiquette. Fellow Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke, meanwhile, scared everyone planning to attend a music festival with the singer's ban on flower garlands. But the prize for best overall delivery would have to go to Charo.

This video is the follow-up to "Celebrities Dramatically Recite Kanye Tweets" that the internet has been waiting for since the Oscars. Now, if only we could complete the trilogy with a video dedicated to Jaden Smith's Twitter feed.

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