You Can Now Buy A $1,000 Leather Yoga Mat (If That's A Thing You Want)

Maybe you're someone who appreciates the sturdiness of genuine leather. Perhaps you can't stand the idea of going to an hour-long vinyasa class without making it abundantly clear how much of a football fan you are. Or maybe you're just getting an early start on your Texas Chainsaw Massacre costume for Halloween.

Either way, Baller Yoga has the perfect yoga mat for you.

All of Baller Yoga's mats are made from "100% pebble-grain football leather" and are available for between $495 and $1,000. The company claims that this material keeps the mats from getting too slippery and gives them a more "primal" feel. The mats, which come in a natural sand color, as well as the classic football red, also come with stitching at the end to tie the whole look together.

However, we wouldn't recommend these for Bikram, or any kind of sweat-heavy activity, really. The company notes that, because the red mats aren't sealed with a top coat, sweat will cause the mats to bleed (and also probably smell pretty gross too).

Of course, if you're looking for more cost-effective options, we've got you covered. And once you've got your mat, may we suggest this $365 foam roller to go with it?

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