Sophie Turner & Kit Harington Will Have This In Common When Game Of Thrones Ends

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The end of Game Of Thrones is near and no one is sadder about this than Sophie Turner, a.k.a Sansa Stark.

When Turner met with E! after the Emmys, she said, "It's been my life since I was 13, so I'm pretty sad about it." Adding, she's far sadder than any fan. But, the now 20-year-old did clue GoT fans into some fun trivia. "It's crazy when the show finishes I'll pretty much be the same age Kit [Harington] was when he started."

The HBO series is set to end with Season 8 which will air in 2018 when she'll be 22. Harington will be 32. Not a bad way to spend a decade of your life. There's still two more seasons to go, but Turner's already joking about her future. "I don't know what I'm going to do with my life."

What's no joke though is her fate on the show, which Turner told E! she's not even sure of quite yet. Two seasons is a very long time in the Seven Kingdoms where it's getting harder and harder to stay alive.

Turner made it clear at the Emmys that she's definitely worried Sansa won't make it to the end.

Earlier on the red carpet, Turner showed off a new tattoo that she shares with her Stark sister, Maisie Williams. The tattoo reads "07.08.09" — that's August 7, 2009 in U.K. date style. It's when both actresses realized that got the part on the show.

Turner said she originally planned to get it after the show's finale, but realized she couldn't definitely confirm she'd be around for it.

Though, she did let everyone know fans will be "really satisfied" with the upcoming seventh season.

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