Watch This Groom Bust Some Romantic Rhymes For His Wedding Vows

Many couples opt for personalized wedding vows. Exchanging words about how you met, your romantic history, and how you want to live as a married couple isn't out of the ordinary these days. However one groom recently raised the bar for custom vows with his seriously romantic rhymes.

In April, Alfonso Wells married his bride Nicole after an 18-year-long romance. On September 8th, Wells posted a video of his vows to Facebook, and the video has since been viewed over 827,000 times. His vows are so exceptional because he delivered them as a spoken-word poem that rhymed and everything. Wells' poem recounts the first time he met Nicole back when they were just 10-year-olds. His wedding guests and, most importantly, his bride were moved and amused by his words and impressive delivery.

Wells, who is a musical artist, told the Huffington Post that he worked on the poem throughout the week leading up to the wedding. He said, “When I was at work I would think of lines and then record [them] in my phone, or I would write down lines in my notepad when I thought of [them]. I didn’t have much time to actually sit down for an hour or two and write, so I did it in pieces.” It looks like his hard work paid off: Nicole said "I do," and the internet fell in love with his rhymes.

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