The Cast Of Stranger Things Handed Out PB&Js At The Emmys

The cast of Stranger Things continues on their quest to be the cutest thing that's happened in 2016. After starring in the nostalgic summer hit, the tweenagers have charmed on Fallon, explored the oddities of '80s toys, and enjoyed a healthy life on social media (check out Gaten Matarazzo's adorable Instagram venture).

At yesterday's Emmy Awards, three of the notable foursome handed out peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to audience members. Caleb Mclaughlin, Millie Bobby Brown, and Matarazzo rode bicycles through the audience, tossing brown-bag lunches at attendees.

"I know these shows are long and I know a lot of you haven't eaten since Labor Day," Jimmy Kimmel segued. "So my mother made 7,000 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Is anyone hungry right now?"

After cheers from the crowd, the young stars took to the aisles to hand out the sandwiches. Millie Bobby Brown donned the now-iconic blond wig that Eleven wears in the series, and Gaten wore his character's trademark baseball cap.

As if that wasn't enough cute for one night, Jimmy's mother, Joan, who appeared briefly onscreen, snuck notes into the lunches.

"Have fun tonight! Win or lose, your mom will always love you. Don't get drunk. xoxoxo, Joan," the notes read. Based on Instagram evidence, the lunches didn't just have the classic childhood 'wich. The brown bags also contained an apple, a cookie, and a box of apple juice.

Stars reacted with appropriate enthusiasm. Taraji P. Henson, for instance, looked downright desperate for a PB&J (and really, aren't we all?). On Instagram, Emilia Clarke noted that she and her mother definitely needed a little sugar (Again: Don't we all?).

THANK YOU JIMMY AND JIMMYS MUM!! @emmys20l6 #mymammaandineededalilsugar 😘

A photo posted by @emilia_clarke on

Photo: via @emilia_clarke.

This wasn't the first adorable Emmy endeavor for the pint-sized stars. The threesome also took to the stage to perform "Uptown Funk" before the awards show began.

(For those who were anxious about Mike's absence, never fear: Finn Wolfhard is off shooting a remake Stephen King's IT. He's not in the upside down.)

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