Local Dad Saves The Day For This Hitchhiking Bride

If you were driving down the road and saw a woman in a wedding dress with her thumb out trying to hitch a ride, you might assume she was a runaway bride. But, that wasn't the case for Angelique Arsenault this past Saturday. When she found herself in this position on her wedding day, she was desperate to get to her groom.

According to The Huffington Post, on the drive to her ceremony, Arsenault's limo got a flat tire when they were still seven miles from the venue. Seeing as she was so far away, on a rural New Hampshire road, and in a pristine white dress, walking was not an option. So the bride did the only thing she could and stuck out her thumb.

Luckily, a local dad named Jay drove by with his two kids and offered Arsenault a ride in his Suburban. The wedding photographer Danyelle Delucia of Wildflower Photography was with the bride as the whole situation unfolded. Delucia snapped a pic of Arsenault in action with her thumb out, and the photo has since gone viral. People just love seeing this bride taking charge, and hearing about this classic, kind, dad move.

Thanks to Jay and his kids, the bride was only 30 minutes late to her wedding. Arsenault told Inside Edition that because of the delay, she had no time to explain everything that had happened once she finally arrived. The bride walked straight out of the trusty Suburban and down the aisle to her groom.

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