You're The Worst Season 3, Episode 3 Recap: You Love Him

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How do you know when you're in love with someone? Gretchen and Lindsay learn that emotional intimacy is the flip side of in love, for worse and for better, respectively. Edgar knows, and has it confirmed by "killer doc" and harmonica-vest-wearer, Vernon.

Real vs. TV: Jimmy jerking off to the Lane Bryant shoe catalog and considering it part of "writing" is infinity more realistic than imagining he was able to buy a house overlooking Silverlake on the advance earned from any first book, let alone an unsuccessful one.

Gretchen does literally everything she can think of to avoid telling Jimmy that his dad is dead. She tries to make Edgar do it, setting off a PTSD reaction that he sinks into as the episode goes on. We're fast heading for a fixing Edgar episode, hopefully with Justina as his therapist. Would be nice to see her character utilized even more, beyond being consistantly surprised at what a jerk Gretchen is. When that doesn't work, Gretchen invites all their friends over for a party to celebrate his book sale, and instructs all of them to tell Jimmy. Paul finally takes control of the situation, telling Gretchen she's not in charge anymore after she makes enough spineless decisions and they sent Edgar to tell Jimmy, again. That convo leads to a breakthrough where, if you weren't already clear on how lacking in self-awareness Jimmy was, he finally understands that literally everything he does to attain success is about impressing his dad. The group overhear him calling his dad to gloat, but ending on an incredibly sweet note and leave Gretchen to do the deed. When he freezes up in shock at the news, she goes down on him because...well,this is still Gretchen.

No word on if they end up taking that Pets of Instagram cruise, but Grumpy Cat is way less awesome than he's cracked up to be.

LA fitness trends I could get behind: Zustified (Zoomba while you're watching Justified) and Tredsparent (running on a treadmill while you watch Transparent).

Lindsay spends the episode convincing herself she loves Paul through affirmations, after Gretchen tricks her into admitting she stabbed him. She realizes she does love him when he stands up for her to Jimmy's heckles. Oh god, is this marriage going to last? Ugh, we'll all have to put up with Paul and watch Lindsay be a mom, for real? I'm not ready.

A note to Killian, the neighbor kid whose dad ran away: take all the canned goods you need, in that sad little backpack. Things will be okay until they turn the electricity off.

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