Gina Rodriguez's Health Advice Is So Refreshing

Photo: Jim Smeal/BEI/Shutterstock.
Whether she's opening up about losing her virginity or her struggles with thyroid disease, Gina Rodriguez is always refreshingly honest. And thankfully, the Jane the Virgin star continued her keeping-it-real streak in a recent interview with The Cut in which she discussed how important it is to love — and care for — yourself without feeling the need to follow diet and fitness trends that don't work for your body.

"Getting information about your body and what you need to create the healthiest you is individual and personal," Rodriguez said. "You don’t need to buy into any lifestyle besides your own and what best fits your body."

And while she explained that it's been a "journey" to figure out the right wellness approach for her, Rodriguez was able to discover a pretty valuable lesson along the way.

"The coolest thing I’ve learned is that I can love my body today, but can still desire to get stronger and get more fit," she said. "That mentality has changed the way I walk in my skin."

And that's celebrity fitness advice we can get behind. Having a healthy relationship with your body means loving and caring for it in equal measure, and seeking to change something doesn't necessarily clash with a body-positive attitude (as long as your body image isn't contingent on those changes). Figuring out how to love your body while becoming as strong and healthy as you'd like to be is just one part of the journey that Rodriguez so beautifully describes.

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