Mr. Robot Season 2, Episode 8 Recap: Maybe We Should Move

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Hello, friends.

This week’s story starts with a meet cute between the members of fsociety, who we learn Darlene recruited — they don’t actually know Elliot. So perhaps he was not such a leader while planning the takedown of Evil Corp after all.

They join a conference call the FBI are holding to discuss the progress on operation “Berenstain,” which is not about the bears. Darlene dresses up as the face of fsociety for a 4th of July message (shot on VHS!), sharing the taped conference call in which they discuss mass wiretapping on the public.
It’s all going well until Susan Jacobs, the Evil Corp general counsel whose house they’ve beens squatting in, returns home from her exile. A series of unfortunate decisions lead to Trenton giving her a gnarly head wound. Rather than taking her to the hospital, Darlene insists they need to own her first and ensure she won’t talk but it’s a farce. What she wants is revenge, for her family. Apparently Susan was on the legal team in the lawsuit following her father’s death. Rather than tell the rest of fsociety or use Susan for their ends, she kills her. If you wrong us, shall we not have revenge, asked Hamlet?

Angela is on a date (who she doesn't yet know is an FBI plant) at karaoke, very drunk, and runs into a friend of her father who makes a terrible blowjob joke in regard to her position at Evil Corp. She levels him with an equally terrible jab about how he, as a plumber, cleans shit for a living while she’s got a six-figure salary. While it might be clear which side of the fence she’s on, it’s not clear that she’s going to get there with her integrity in tact.

In music, Angela sings Tears For Fears “Everybody Wants To Rule The World.” As music choices for the show go, it’s not multi-layered and a bit on the nose, saved only by the fact that it’s a tragic, drunken interpretation by an actor on the show.

Trenton and Mobley take the J train straight to purgatory, after coming to terms with what Darlene did and the real ramifications of 5-9. Can they run from the FBI and the Dark Army? It turns out the dogs they freed from the shelter at the end of season one all found their way back into their cages, which is metaphor enough for this episode. Darlene and her Dark Army boyfriend took Susan to the shelter to get rid of the body. They put her in a suitcase and took her dead body on the subway, surrounded by ads for Evil Corp. On the way home, Darlene realizes she doesn't feel bad about it. Everybody wants to rule the world and now the fight is going to rage between Darlene and the Dark Army.

Dom found Mobley because his name was on the End of the World party flier (shout out to the wayback machine). She confirms that the FBI are still looking to hold Tyrell responsible for 5-9. Until she figures out who the real mastermind is, Dom is going to keep running into cold trails. It seems that Mobley was safer in FBI custody, however. He never shows up to his meeting with Trenton. Two hours later, it's clear the Dark Army got him. Two men down leaves only two women and Elliot in fsociety. Where is Elliot?

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