Here's Why There Are Cats In This Lingerie Company's Office

When pets are up for adoption, there's often a good chunk of time between the day they're dropped off at the shelter and the day they find a loving home. And even when shelters give them all the attention they can, it's better for their social skills to be living in a house in the meantime. Or, in this case, an office.

The lingerie company Mapalé by Espiral is fostering shelter cats as part of the Humane Society of Broward County’s Office Cat program. It must be a blast for their employees to come to work.

Using offices for this purpose was a pretty brilliant idea. "The cats go into an office and as patrons come into different offices, they're able to hopefully be attracted to the cats and have the potential to get adopted," explained the Humane Society of Broward County's Amanda Kruzynski in a video by the Sun Sentinel. There are also cat cafes and even cat yoga for the same purpose.

For Mapalé by Espiral, this strategy has been successful. Brand and Account Executive Cheryl Paradis said a cat's already been adopted, and they've since ushered in a new one. The current felines-in-residence are named Storm and Mulchi. D'aww.

Paradis said the cats help her productivity by God knows what means. She must have superhuman discipline to concentrate with all that cuteness surrounding her.

If you'd like to foster an animal, ask if your local animal shelter has a program. Even just a short stay in a home can be a huge help for pets.

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