The New Face Of Victoria's Secret Pink Was Discovered In A Mall

Leandro Justen/BFA/REX/Shutterstock
In the age of Amazon, malls seem almost hopelessly archaic. Why limit yourself to twenty stores and, like, human interaction when you can click-click-click and get a new pair of shoes (or whatever) for half the price? But people go to malls, still, and sometimes model scouts walk up to them and ask if they'd like to be Victoria's Secret models.

Zuri Tibby was one such shopper, and she is the new face of Victoria's Secret Pink, according to Yahoo Style. Tibby says that her discovery initially felt like a stalking.

"I was discovered when I was really young," she tells Yahoo Style. "I was 15. I was walking around the mall after work and [someone from my now] agency came up to me. They were kinda following me around a little bit. I was a little scared and shy when they came up to me and gave me their card. I’d never been approached and asked to model before, so it was a shock. They gave me their card, and we set up a meeting. Everything happened from there."

She says that her first job was less than glamorous.

"I was working at a kids’ playground," Tibby tells Yahoo Style. "The place that I worked at also had food and stuff. They had a little café. But the rules were you had to wear socks [inside the café], so my funniest memory of it is chasing people, making sure they were wearing socks at all times. I would chase them with socks in my hands — trying to give socks to people. I worked there for probably two months during the summer."

So there you go. All you have to do to go from working in a children's playground to becoming a model is walk around malls. Like, a lot. Happy shopping.

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