Ellen DeGeneres' Morning Workout Is The Cutest We've Ever Seen

Ellen DeGeneres wants you to know just how glam her workout routines really are. In a video posted to Instagram today, the talk show host showed off her home workout, complete with crunches, a yoga mat — and two bickering dogs. Okay, so it isn't exactly glam, but it is very cute, and deeply relatable. As one (presumably) dog-owning commenter put it, "this looks oddly familiar..."

Yes, working out with pets nearby rarely goes as planned. Dogs get into fights while you do aerobics, cats take naps on your yoga mats, goats climb all over you, and that's just if your pets are mere bystanders.

Unless you're taking your dog with you on a run, actually incorporating your pet into your workout feels like a cruel fantasy that will only end in chaos.

Check out Degeneres' video below. Thankfully, it still looks like she at least had fun working her core alongside her precious pups.


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