Demi Lovato's Birthday Was Perfect

Photo: Ray Tamarra/GC Images
Demi Lovato's birthday weekend began on Friday with a couple major surprises. Fortunately, she snapchatted it all for us to see, starting with a tour of her balloon-and-streamer festooned hotel room.
First, Lovato joined Nick Jonas and friends for a celebratory day off from their Future Now tour. Nothing like some zombie-themed laser tag to blow off some steam, although her group snap looks more like she's channeling Ghostbusters than 28 Days Later.
Lovato has been known for her fandom of the undead, or at least her love of dressing up like them on Halloween. That helps explain her delighted freak-out while watching a birthday video from Walking Dead cast members Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln.
After cooling down from zombie hunting with a round of bowling, lucky Lovato hit the jackpot, winning 1,000 arcade-game tickets. Then, it was off to play air hockey.
The final twist of the day came with Lovato's birthday "cake," which was healthier than it looked. It turned out to be a frosting-covered watermelon, which sounds extra-sweet, but refreshing — kind of like the birthday babe herself.
Click on to see the images Lovato shared on Snapchat!
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Photo: Courtesy of theddlovato
Demi has got that bday Snapchat filter thing going on.
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Photo: Courtesy of theddlovato
We would love to wake up in this birthday bed!
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Photo: Courtesy of theddlovato
Ghostbusters or zombie killers? Yes please!
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Photo: Courtesy of theddlovato
This watermelon birthday cake looks amazing!
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Photo: Courtesy of theddlovato
Happy birthday Demi!

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